With over 23,000 staff in over 225 laboratories across 39 countries, Eurofins Scientific is the world leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical products testing. It is also one of the global market leaders in agro science, genomics, discovery pharmacology and central laboratory services. In addition, Eurofins is one of the key emerging players in specialty clinical diagnostic testing in Europe and the USA. Eurofins is a fast growing company; in 2015 the company reached a turnover of €2,2 billion and acquired 21 companies.

Eurofins is currently accelerating the deployment of standard processes across its Laboratories. Eurofins uses its own IT system for supporting the laboratory processes called eLIMS (Eurofins Laboratory Information Management System) and has initiated a OneIT Agro project to deploy the current eLIMS and prepare the Agro Testing Laboratories to use the Next Generation of eLIMS (eLIMS-NG).

Eurofins is developing eLIMS-NG, a comprehensive and integrated suite of tools and applications to support production processes in our laboratories worldwide.

The main objective of this position is to join the OneIT Agro team in charge of deploying eLIMS in all Labs of the Agro testing International Business Line; with eLIMS-First Generation Standard in the next 2 years and then eLIMS Next Generation.

Preparation to eLIMS-NG roll-out will consist in identifying/qualifying/eliciting the Business Requirements specific to the Agro Testing IBL which are beneficial and which will bring a competitive advantage.

De uitdaging

In this position you will be the bridge between business and IT. You are responsible for analysing and describing the business processes. Creating business proposals for optimization and making gap-analyses between processes and IT applications are part of your daily job. In addition, you will proactively communicate and collaborate with internal customers to analyse information needs, functional requirements and deliver the following artefacts as needed: Business Requirements, User Requirements, User Stories, etc.

Deployment of current EurIS into new Labs and Sales Offices

Context: For new Agro laboratories or Sales offices to be integrated in the coming 2 years, the candidate will assist the Business Project Manager (from the business) to install and configure group applications Eurofins Information System (CRM, ComLIMS, eLIMS-FGS, EOL).

The candidate will follow an Induction Guide designed by group team that lists the tasks to perform, the documents to read or use, the contact to liaise with, the schedule….

In summary, he will be responsible of the set-up/configuration of eLIMS-FGS and will streamline the processes toward the standard processes (supported by eLIMS-FGS) and will make sure that the working instructions are documented for preventing misuse of the system on the long term.

Responsible of the set-up of eLIMS-FGS

Thanks to a good knowledge of eLIMS and an additional training by the FGS central team (including documentation for installation and configuration)

The candidate will be responsible of setting up eLIMS-FGS under the guidance and technical support of the FGS central team. He/she will configure eLIMS modules in a way to best fit to the process while avoiding specific development. He/she will challenge the need for additional development and in case they are evaluated as legitimate and beneficial he/she will place a request to the FGS Central team, he/she will elaborate the specifications to be provided to the Development team.

He will lead the validation of the set-up (User Acceptance Test) and will train the Key User and Users.

He/she will be supported by the FGS Central team during the whole deployment project (about 7 months) and until the project closure 1 month after the Go-Live.

Streamlining and aligning processes and elaborating working instructions

The candidate will work closely with the Key Users and FGS central BA involved in the deployment project to steer the process changes. Notably, he/she will ensure that each Key User elaborates for each process a Working Instruction explaining How to use eLIMS in most common use cases. These Working Instructions are written in Local Language and are complementary to the English User Guide.

Participation to the design of eLIMS-NG for Agro and its deployment in Agro Testing worldwide

He/she will collaborate with the Wageningen OneIT Team in charge of designing the Agro Satellites applications that will be necessary to enable eLIMS-NG deployment in Agro Testing IBL without regression.

He/she will record the Business Requirements specific to Agro Activities and will log them into a repository where the eLIMS-NG development team will analyse them for deciding whether the requirements has to be satisfied with a Satellite application or in eLIMS-NG core system.

Once eLIMS-Next Generation and Agro Satellite applications will be available to be roll-out in Agro Testing IBL, he/she will be a key player in the roll-out plan to configure the system with the Key-User, train the Key-users.

Jouw profiel


Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in IT as a Business Analyst in an industrial setting

Experience in ERP deployment projects, ideally LIMS.

Technology skills:

General background in Information Technology (Infrastructure and IT Solutions)

Experience with SQL databases programming. Working knowledge of MS SQL Server 2008 is a plus.

Methodology skills:

Working knowledge of BPMN and UML is a plus.

Agile and ITIL concepts are a plus

Personal Skills:

Excellent capacity to learn and acquire expertise both on Lab processes and on eLIMS.

Able influence key business partners and stakeholders

Excellent analytical and problem solving skills without relying on the change of IT but more on a change of Organization/process.

Good verbal/written communication skills. Fluent in English and in the Working country.

At ease with distant communications leveraging a wide array of technologies (documents and forums, phone, chat, e-mail).

Scrum values: Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect, Courage

Willingness to travel (20-30%); project phase and maintenance phase.


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